Evening Discussion Asia Society Hong Kong


November 20, 2013


20 November 2013 at Asia Society Hong Kong

Asia Society hosted an evening discussion of The Other Hundred in conjunction with GIFT. Following a brief introduction of the project by Chandran Nair, the floor was given to an international panel made up of acclaimed authors and The Other Hundred contributors Janice Galloway and Chika Unigwe, TIME Asia Editor Zoher Abdoolcarim, Editor Alex Lo of the SCMP and moderated by Deborah Kan of the Wall Street Journal. 

The panelists shared their unique perspectives on what The Other Hundred had to say about ordinary people around the world and the way the media often fails to present their lives accurately in favor of focusing on extremes of wealth and poverty. They also shared their personal stories on those they knew that would count as members of The Other Hundred and of the changing cultures and values that have so often marginalized them.