This marvelous book with its rich human pageantry provokes an old question: what is the good life? Since the dawn of history, this enquiry has motivated the making of art as well as philosophy. But the many answers to it … were never as radically shrunk as they were in the 19th century, when the good life became confused with the desires and achievements of a tiny minority.

Pankaj Mishra | Author of From the Ruins of Empire


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The Other One Hundred Educators is a unique book because it not only acknowledges human excellence and endeavour towards mankind, in its title, but goes much further by completing the spectrum of educators by, artistically and colourfully, revealing the tenacity, endeavour andflexibility of educators who fulfil their obligation to teach despite the vicissitudes of life and lack of resources. Their action and behaviour is as much a lesson as is the education they provide. Without this book the full circle of acknowledging educators worldwide would not be complete.

- Amirali B Nasir, J.P.




We often talk about the super rich, the top 1%, but there also are a lot of people who The Other Hundred is bringing focus on that we need to be paying attention to.

- Angie Lau | Anchor, Bloomberg Television




In a world where media messaging is managed, where foreign policy is as much under the influence of proxy interests as it is a ‘moral imperative’ … there has never been a greater need for an endeavor such as The Other Hundred. It is time for us all to reconnect with our own sense of humanity, on a global scale, and there is no better way of doing this by using the power of photography more honestly.

- Martin Middlebrook | Photojournalist & Author of Afghanistan – From the Other Side