Zoltán Balogh


Year of Winning Submission: 2016

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Zoltán Balogh started teaching himself photography in 2006. In 2008 he was elected photographer of the year by the Hungarian National Association of Photographic Artist Groups and became a member of the Studio of Young Photographers. In 2009, he turned to freelance photography. Since then, his work has been exhibited around the world in exhibitions, magazines and books. In 2015, he joined MTI Hungarian News Agency as a photojournalist.

Winning Story: Hungary 



Sudipto Das


Year of Winning Submission: 2016

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Sudipto Das, since 2005, has worked as a principal photojournalist for The Times of India. He has also worked for Associated Press, European Press Photo Agency, BBC News, SPAN and India Today. He has received more than 130 international and national photo awards and recognitions and has exhibited his work widely in countries around the world.

Winning Story: India 


Rebekah Bowman


Year of Winning Submission: 2016

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Rebekah Bowman was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After completing a BA in German/ German literature at the University of Salzburg, she managed the UK-based Kreisler String Orchestra and the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss chamber orchestra. She then lived in Mexico and Scotland before returning to the US in 2008. Her most recent project, “Portrait of the Cuban School of Ballet”, explores ballet practice at the National Ballet School in Havana, Cuba.

Rebekah Bowman is the third place winner of The Other Hundred Educators Edition. 

Winning Story: Cuba


Mateo Caballero


Year of Winning Submission: 2016

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A photographer and a musician, Mateo Caballero was born in La Paz, Bolivia, where he still lives. He studied photography in Madrid, Spain. He currently works as a freelance photographer for media and institutions in Bolivia and abroad. A selection of his photographs was included in Fotografia Boliviana (2012), a collection of work by some of Bolivia’s leading photographers.

Winning Story: Bolivia


Marianne Borowiec


Year of Winning Submission: 2016


Marianne Borowiec was born in 1984 in Salzburg, Austria. She studied fine arts photography and multimedia arts at art school in Graz. In 2010, she moved to Berlin to study cinematography at the German Academy for Film and TV. She followed journalist Amos Roberts to shoot a story on Danish forest kindergartens for SBS Dateline. She now lives in Berlin and works as a photographer and filmmaker/director of photography.

Winning Story: Denmark


Lukas Berger


Year of Winning Submission: 2016

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Lukas Berger is an Austrian photographer and director. He currently lives in Hannover, Germany, where he is working on several photography and film projects. His travels have taken him to Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Turkey and much of Europe. His work “Circus” has appeared in many well-known magazines, including Time and Accent.

Winning Story: Ethiopia 


Giles Clarke


Year of Winning Submission: 2016

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Giles Clarke, born in 1965 in England, is a photojournalist with Getty Images Reportage based in New York City. His work has been featured by American Photography 31 and 32, Amnesty International, CNN and Yahoo News, among others. Recently he has been on the road with Ban Kimoon, documenting the UN secretary general’s last year of tenure.

Winning Story: Guatemala


Elie Gardner & Oscar Durand


Year of Winning Submission: 2016

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Elie Gardner is a visual journalist based in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a regular contributor to the Fuller Project for International Reporting and previously worked as a photographer and editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Oscar Durand is a Peruvian photographer and videographer. Oscar discovered visual storytelling by accident while studying industrial engineering in Lima. He then moved to the United States where he began his career as a freelance photojournalist. He is currently, he is based in Istanbul, Turkey working for news and humanitarian organizations.

Winning Story: Peru